Wine & Food

Get a chance to experience a Wine & Food dinner in our old Cellar Restaurant

The Old Cellar Restaurant and Wine Bar of the farmhouse dates back to 1500, we have no exact date but we can imagine that the first stone was placed around this time.

Belonged to the family of one of the first noble settlements "Farisani" in this small village.
Around 1700 the winery was the medium in which the village church was built (see inside pillars of tuff).

The Cellar, as such, for years has been the storage company, has now recovered to its original light, with the exposure of a decent selection of wines from Campania, and a part of Italian wines.
From the reasonably priced to the higher priced, all types of wine lovers can enjoy the "nectar of the gods".

Our philosophy is to be simple and affordable for everyone, we do not want to lose our roots and simplicity, we will offer our customers the ingredients of our land, partly produced by our farm or neighboring farms.

The Old Cellar is available for Mený La Degustazione, Wine, Customized Dinners and Events.

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